Mendota Merchants LLC Acquires Cozlow, an eCommerce Brand Specializing in Massage and Physical Therapy Products

We are excited to announce that Mendota Merchants LLC has acquired Cozlow, an eCommerce brand founded in April 2020 by Ciaran Mcintyre, which specializes in massage and physical therapy products. The acquisition will be completed on June 2nd, 2023, and the deal was valued at $190,000 USD.

Under Ciaran Mcintyre’s leadership, Cozlow quickly became a prominent player in the industry, known for providing “undisputed value” to its customers. The brand saw double or triple-digit growth year over year and raised the bar in the industry, forcing competitors to offer better solutions. Its impact on the industry and its customers was significant, providing better products, a better customer experience, and providing more value for customers.

As the new owners of Cozlow, Mendota Merchants LLC plans to continue operating the brand under the same name, with no major changes expected to the products offered. With a focus on maintaining the high-quality products and customer service that have made the brand successful, the acquisition is an exciting development for both companies and the industry as a whole.

At, we are thrilled to have been a key component in the growth of Cozlow becoming a multi-six-figure brand. The acquisition marks a new chapter for Ciaran Mcintyre as he turns his focus to his eCommerce agency and looks for new eCommerce opportunities.

For media inquiries about the acquisition of Cozlow by Mendota Merchants LLC, please contact us here.