How You Can Spot The Next Crypto Bull Run

As many investors know, the crypto market has always been volatile and unpredictable. However, every once in a while, there is a crypto bull run that is too good to ignore. In the past, these bull runs have produced astronomical profits for those who spotted them early enough. That’s why it’s important to know how to spot the next crypto bull run and the keywords you should use in the process. In this post, we’ll explore the clues you should be looking for in order to take advantage of the next crypto bull run.


The first thing you should be aware of is what is happening in the crypto market as a whole. You should keep an eye on the top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP, as they usually dictate the direction of the market. When these currencies are performing well, there’s a higher likelihood that the market will experience a bull run. If you’re unsure which cryptocurrencies to track, just remember that market capitalization is a good indicator of a coin’s significance.

Bull Run

Another thing to look out for is increased activity in the market. This can be in the form of higher trading volumes, a flood of new investors, or any other signs of increased interest in cryptocurrency. When a market is bullish, people tend to be more optimistic and willing to invest. In turn, this creates a positive feedback loop that drives prices higher. Pay attention to announcements from major financial firms, regulatory bodies, or influential industry leaders as they may trigger changes in the market sentiment.


The third aspect to consider is the wider financial environment. Cryptocurrency markets are not entirely separate from traditional financial markets. As such, it’s worthwhile to keep an eye on factors like interest rates, market indicators, and news surrounding global economic events. This is because changes in the broader financial environment can influence investor behavior and create the environment that a cryptocurrency may need to experience a bull run.


Lastly, you should be aware of pump and dump schemes. These scams have been around since long before cryptocurrency, and they’re common and widespread in the crypto market. A pump and dump scheme is a type of fraud where promoters buy up a cryptocurrency en masse, artificially inflating its price, and then sell it off, leaving ordinary investors to bear the losses. Keep an eye on coin price swings for irregularities – pump and dump schemes are usually detected when there are sudden and wild price fluctuations.

In conclusion, spotting a crypto bull run requires careful attention to the market and its surrounding factors. Keeping an eye on the market as a whole, market activity, wider financial climate and not forgetting about the risks involved with pump and dump schemes. Once the conditions are right, the market might just experience one of the biggest opportunities of making sizeable gains.